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Leverage in Sponsorship

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

For years sponsorship was an integral part of the entertainment sector, as well as a fundamental part of business activity. However, the way sponsorship operates today differs substantially from years ago. Sponsorship is a business and needs to be treated as such.  Every investor/sponsor expects some solid ROI from the money invested in their sponsorship deal. It is also important to remember that sponsors have many options available in picking the right sponsorship opportunity. So the question becomes- what can a sponsorship seeker do to bring sponsors on the board? Well, the answer is simple- Leverage! The time for logos “glued” around the stadiums, buildings, t-shirts is over. In fact, when was the last time a company's logo had any influence on your purchasing decision. Probably never.  That is why sponsorship seekers need to come up with different leverage ideas. This gives fans, customers, and participants a sustainable memory of the sponsors and their products. Basically, you can relate it to a song that gets stuck in your memory for weeks at a time.  Leverage ideas need to be exclusive and unique so they can force a participant into paying attention to what they can see, hear, and experience in the product. 

The first step for an event-organizer is a sponsor. To turn your audience into a sponsor product or service client, it's what matters.

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